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Former Badger Marching Band Members Agree to Garage Gig

The Buggy Shed

The Buggy Shed

FORT ATKINSON, WI — When Madison’s party band, The Red Hot Horn Dawgs, march into town on August 27th, the gig will be at a small venue known locally as The Buggy Shed. The white shiplap clad post and beam structure with red cedar roof shingles (which has not seen a horse carriage in more than a century) is hosting its first musical act of the millennium to entertain the guests of a newlywed couple at their reception. Horn Dawgs bookings manager, Mike Steen, expressed interest in performing at the intimate venue the same night Mr Burgundy and Zac Matthews are playing across town at Rhythm on the River suspecting, perhaps, the town knows how to party.


Red Hot Horn Dawgs Concert in Central Park (Edgerton, WI) 10 August 2016

Horn Dawg’s music director, Jamie Sercombe, indicated the band’s repertoire spans multiple genres and decades, reflecting the tastes and enthusiasms of the band members, many of whom were members of the world class University of Wisconsin Badger Marching Band.  Rock & roll, funk, R&B, latin, calypso–pretty much anything with a horn section and gets people dancing.  “Perfect,” said the bride-to-be “we don’t need any slow songs–we want to boogie!”  The groom allowed that maybe one slow song in each of the three sets planned for that evening might be okay.  The couple is accepting song requests which will be carefully reviewed and then shared with Sercombe and the band. There is a remote possibility the band will revert to the Badger’s signature “Stop at the Top” high stepping style.

Music at The Shed may mark the beginning of a trend as another Madison-based act,  We Are,  the Brown brothers conga drum and guitar duo, has allegedly expressed interest in the space.

Updated on August 15th to reveal the real name of the Brown brother’s band and provide an active link to their Jones Market jingle.


  1. Lisa and Michael

    2016-08-26 at 16:37

    I brought my dancing shoes, but expect to kick them off before too long!

    • colejones

      2016-09-01 at 15:46

      Blacktop might have been tough on the toes–unless you went full Woodstock and danced on the grass….

  2. Lisa and Michael

    2016-08-26 at 16:38

    Anything by Stevie Wonder or Earth, Wind & Fire!

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